Body piercer and Tattooer from Washington, DC. Shannon began working in the body modification industry in 2003 as a piercer and apprenticed to tattoo in 2008. She worked in Austin, “Keeping it weird” for many years before returning to the east coast to complete a degree in Sociocultural Anthropology/Art History—the study of cultural systems and the development of humankind’s vision of the aesthetic. 


Shannon’s detail-oriented work is expressed in her body piercing method and practice. She enjoys working closely with new and repeat clientele on piercing projects. Admittedly, she crushes on Stephen Hawkings and everything astronomical! Inspired by the late physicist’s work amongst the stars, she loves to design upper ear constellations and shimmering piercing arrangements. She adores working with precious gemstones and an array of metals to achieve delicate to edgy looks and everything in between. 


Certified by the Red Cross in First Aid/Adult CPR and licensed by New York State’s Department of Mental Health and Hygiene [Infection Control Certified], Shannon takes every measure to ensure every client receives a safe piercing and/or tattoo.

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