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Katherine Venegas, also known as Kathycaboom is one of our most recent guests at the shop. From a very young age she was attracted by art, so much so, that at age nine she asked her mom to get her first tattoo. It goes without saying, she was not able to get one at the time. 


Kathy studied graphic design, photography and illustration. Years later, after overcoming a long process in 2012 she started tattooing almost by chance, and that 9 year old her came back to life. 


She has worked in Spanish and international tattoo studios, learning from each experience, each culture and each colleague she had the opportunity to share her journey with.  New York is a city full of different cultures, light and art around each corners, which immediately attracted Kathy to come visit. "The shop Red Baron Ink has that New York vibe just from the beginning when you have to go down the stairs and pass through that door, it’s just lovely" Kathy said. 


Kathycaboom is the explosion of colors, but she also likes to work with blackwork, black & grey and fine lines tattoos. 


"My goal is to make each person feel special, convey dynamism, joy, peace, and good vibes so the passion I have for tattooing becomes a mutual feeling and the experience is optimal. 


Thanks to all the clients for letting me tattoo all my pieces while enjoying these moments and also to all my colleagues for all the great times."


To book with Kathy, keep an eye out for her next dates and get ready to reach out for your session with this amazing artist and friend of the shop!  


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