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There is definitely an anime for you out there, whether you like comedy, action, romance, or horror. Anime lovers are not shy about their love of this style of animation and storytelling. Anime lovers are not shy about their love of this style of animation and storytelling. Thanks to its unique aesthetics, the fantastical world of Japanese animation inspires excellent tattoo art.



The people who love the genre have spent dozens of hours with these characters and their stories. Ultimately, the characters' journeys become the fans’ journeys, too. For example, the long running Pokemon series has been with some people for most of their lives. Getting an anime tattoo is a great way to show your love for this art form. Tattoos of scenes or characters from your favorite series show your fan appreciation.


Many anime fans want to make the connection they feel with their favorite character eternal. There are many excellent anime characters to choose from, and each can represent different personal strengths. A ninja design like Naruto represents strength and courage, so having him as a part of your anime tattoo will portray these traits, while a tattoo of Sonic can symbolize guile and speed.



Anime has been influenced by the West, especially the work of Walt Disney, but Japanese animation has developed a distinctive visual style that is artistic, dramatic, and unparalleled globally. Usually, there are three commonly used tattoo styles for an anime tattoo.


New School Tattoo Style


The New School tattoo style surged from the traditional American style with a modern, bold, and 3D aesthetic. It features a dynamic color palette, much like the anime source material, making these two styles a good match. New School tattoos are also very illustrative, featuring dramatic perspectives and an attention to detail that parallels anime for a tattoo that offers exciting results.


Illustrative Anime Tattoo Style


An illustrative tattoo style is a good option for those wanting a sleeker look. The main difference from the previous technique is the level of depth in your tattoo design. If you’re looking for a tattoo that looks more like a 2-dimensional sketch or a manga scene, you should go for an illustrative anime tattoo.


Japanese Anime Tattoo Style


The Japanese style of tattooing is often about rich shapes and exaggerated features. This style doesn’t shy away from deep colors, mythological characters, and dramatic perspectives. If you want an anime tattoo that looks impactful, and covers a large space, consider the Japanese style. This style also lends itself well to horror anime because of the wild effects that can be incorporated in these designs.

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