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Grant Lubbock is the owner of Red Baron Ink Tattoo and Piercing.  He hails from Southern California and he loves art and tattoos. 


Before moving to NYC in the summer of 2012, he lived and ventured all over Southern California, making his last stomping grounds OC and Los Angeles as a young adult. He spent most of his days surfing, skating, and doing art. 

Grant has been passionate about art, tattoos, graffiti, murals and any form of art since he was a child. Art and tattoos is what he loves and surrounds himself with. Do you guys remember Tattoo Magazine or Taboo Magazine, he was obsessed with these magazines long before we had cell phones and the technology we have today. 

His main focus is  clean lines, bright, and bold. You will often hear Grant referring to his tattoos as "laser proof”, or saying that “this tattoo will make it to the grave with you". However he can also do fine line works and all around styles upon request. He is always down to show off his skill sets. If you look at his work you will see the versatility. 


Grant has an approachable and soft application process which will amaze you when seen in practice. Inspired and influenced by modern art, museums, graffiti, travels, and underground street art, Grant’s tattoos are one of a kind custom pieces, created with his clients and for his clients. 


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