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Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Britaini is a New York-based tattoo artist with a diverse range of styles, from delicate fine line work to bold traditional pieces. She has a particular passion for botanical and nature-inspired tattoos, reflecting her Pacific Northwest and Chicago upbringing. Additionally, she specializes in restoring, reworking, and covering up tattoos.

Britaini enjoys giving her clients a variety of options to choose from on the day of their appointment. Feel free to stop by and browse her plant book, which features over 100 pages of available flash designs and sample pieces. She loves creating custom pieces tailored to each client, bringing their visions to life.

With fifteen years of professional tattooing experience across the United States, Britaini continues to share her art through guest spots and regular sessions in Seattle and Chicago. We are thrilled to have her with us at Red Baron Ink.


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