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Hugo is an artist from Porto, Portugal. Since he was 4 years old, the drawing process began to grow on him. 

After he received a Leonardo da Vinci themed art book from his parents, he started an obsession with drawing realism. In his high school years, he went to a prestige art school where he developed some other skills like graphic design. In 2012 during his masters degree to become an art teacher, he bought his first tattoo kit. 


Since then, he knew that he had found his true passion in tattooing and tried to put his knowledge of realistic drawing into his tattoos. 


In 2019, Hugo was invited to be a guest artist at the shop. He came down to NYC to meet the team and throw down some awesome tattoos. 


“I was pretty well received by everyone in the shop since day one. I had the privilege to be around amazing artists for a week, and Grant taught me so much about his color and lining techniques. 

It was the best guest experience I had so far, and I can’t wait to get back.”


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