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Lauren is the newest member of the Red Baron Ink family. Growing up on the East Coast, Lauren has spent most of her 22 years between New York and Philadelphia. She pursued ballet at a young age and after enduring an injury she made the switch to all things alternative like fashion, machine sewing, hand embroidery, black and grey tattoos, and dance on top of caring for her cats and a pet snake named Quiche. Lauren attended college for fashion design but after learning about the lack of sustainability and ethics in production, she changed directions, has now been piercing for two years, and is looking to become APP certified by the end of 2022. 

For Lauren, piercing is all about self expression. It has been a key component in her journey of self discovery and has helped her feel comfortable in her own skin. Through her work and art, she aims to help others do the same for themselves. Her personalized approach to the craft allows her to connect with others, her favorite part being tailoring each clients' experience to make them feel as comfortable as possible. 

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