Grant  is a self-taught tattoo artist from Southern California. Before moving to NYC in the summer of 2012, Grant lived and ventured all over Southern California, making is last stomping grounds Los Angeles.

From there, something else began calling his name and he knew that if he we were to make it big, he needed to be in NYC. This is when he opened Red Baron Ink in NYC’s East Village.

You can tell Grant’s tattoos apart by their clean lines, bright bold colors, and supersaturated shading skills. You will often hear Grant referring to his tattoos as "laser proof”, or saying that “this tattoo will make it to the grave with you". Grant “The Baron” Lubbock has an approachable and soft application process which will amaze you with how solid his tattoos are applied. Inspired and influenced by modern art, museums, graffiti, travels, and underground street art, Grant’s tattoos are one of a kind custom pieces, created with his clients for his clients and no one else. You can find Grant at the West Side location.


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