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Shamil was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. Due to frequent power outages, he taught himself how to draw under the light of an oil lamp at the age of three to pass the time. Since then, drawing became an integral part of his life. Shamil comes from two generations of shoemakers, so at the age of seven and in pursuit of better opportunities, his family moved to Brooklyn, New York. 

With pressure from his family from a young age to study medicine or law, he pursued a career path in Optometry. After graduating from Brooklyn College with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art in the Spring of 2017, Shamil had a revelation that his true passion will always be intertwined with art. He decided to fully immerse himself into the trade of tattooing, which integrated his love for art and science. 

Shamil brings to the table a diverse skill set of clean solid lines, whether fine or bold, strong color saturation, beautiful and versatile compositions of art and tattoos, and a laid back personality that makes him a great addition to our epic line up! 

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