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Septum Piercing

The septum is a thin wall of cartilage that runs down the center of the nose, separating the right and left nostrils. However, a septum piercing doesn't penetrate this cartilage. Instead, it goes through the softer tissue area, often referred to as the "sweet spot" just below the septum. Due to this, it's usually a relatively easy and smooth healing process.


We recommend visiting a high-end boutique piercer like RBI Tattoo for a positive experience, high-quality jewelry, a clean and sterile environment, supportive guidance, and advice on piercing aftercare.


Getting Your Piercing 


The procedure is quick once it's begun. The pain from a septum piercing varies for every person, but it will probably cause you to tear up a little. This doesn't mean you'll be crying in pain. Producing tears is a natural response when your nose is pierced. 


Your piercing will feel better after two months, but it will take about three to six months to heal thoroughly. Further, it can take up to a year or more for the scar tissue to reach its full strength, so be cautious about changing your jewelry before. You may want to see your piercer again for the first swap.


Use saline on the area twice daily and thoroughly dry the skin afterward. Don't pick, play, or twist the piercing while healing. Also, avoid soaking in baths or hot tubs because these can be breeding grounds for bacteria.


What Type of Jewelry is Used for Septum Piercings?


Septum clicker: These hoops feature a hinged closure that springs open and clicks shut for easy insertion and removal.


Circular Barbell: Circular barbell jewelry fits nicely into a septum piercing and allows the wearer to hide it without actually removing the jewelry.


What Jewelry Material Is Used for Septum Piercing?


Gold: Be sure to get gold jewelry of at least 14K to avoid too soft metal.


Implant Grade Titanium: A popular choice for nose rings that is extremely rare to cause a reaction and even MRI safe. It's also highly durable. Titanium is more expensive when compared to other metals. 



Cost of Piercing Services: Please note this is only the service cost, jewelry not included.


Service Includes: Earlobe, helix, forward helix, daith, tragus, rook, conch, flat piercings, septum, nostril, surface piercings, oral piercings, nipple piercings, navel piercing, dermal piercings. 

    Services We Don't Offer: Genital, smiley/frenulum, cheeks, snake eyes, frog eyes. 


Jewelry: ranges between $30-$500. 14k /18K gold and titanium only.  

  • Piercing service cost:  $35

  • 2 Piercings:  $70

  • 3 Piercings:  $105 

  • Stretching:  $15


*Currently working by appointment only. Walk in availability depending on piercer availability - check our booking site to book your same day appointment! 

*All minors under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian, valid identification for both and must present a birth certificate. 

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